Xemes Jeux Olympiques D’Hiver France 1968, Grenoble

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Xemes Jeux Olympiques D’Hiver France 1968, Grenoble


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Offset Lithograph


39 x 24.5 in. (99 x 63 cm.)


B; backed on linen


Constantin’s poster for the 1968 Winter Olympics, also know as the ‘X Olympic Winter Games’ is a boldly effective design for a historic olympics. The ‘X’ Olympics marked the first time that East and West Germany were permitted to enter competitive tournaments as separate nations, marking it a post-war event of great significance. It was also one of the first olympic winter events to be heavily televised in the USA and abroad, increasing the popularity of winter sports across the globe. The graphic nature of Constantin’s design promotes unity and equality, while the colour scheme subtly reinforces France’s role in promoting these values. The 1968 winter olympics was also the hosts’ best ever performance at a winter games, with twenty-four-year-old Jean-Claude Killy scooping gold in all three alpine events.

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