Wild or Savage, London’s Zoos

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Wild or Savage, London’s Zoos


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BETTY SWANWICK (1915-1989)






40 x 25 in. (101 x 63 cm.)


A-; not backed


“Wild or Savage” is a notable poster created by British artist Betty Swanwick for the London Underground. Betty Swanwick, born in 1915, was a distinguished artist renowned for her detailed and whimsical illustrations. Her body of work encompasses various themes, often characterized by intricate details and a narrative quality that invites viewers into a story.

Betty Swanwick’s career spanned several decades, during which she produced a diverse array of artworks, including posters, paintings, and book illustrations. She studied at Goldsmiths College in London, where she later became a lecturer. Swanwick’s work is celebrated for its imaginative and detailed style, often reflecting social and cultural themes of her time.

“Wild or Savage” is one of Swanwick’s contributions to the London Underground poster series. These posters were part of a broader effort by the Underground to encourage travel and exploration among Londoners and visitors, using art to make the transit experience more engaging and culturally enriching.

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